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Communication is an important part of life. The ability to interact with others gives us independence and fulfillment. Some people struggle to communicate verbally, however and must find other means of expression. Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) is any method of communication a person uses to supplement or replace verbal speech. Lite tech and High tech AAC devices, such as those offered by Enabling Devices, make communication accessible by playing recorded speech at the press of a button.

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About Cheap Talk Communication Devices

Our Cheap Talk communicators are simple and inexpensive AAC devices used to assist individuals unable to verbalize speech. Bestsellers for more than 30 years, these lite tech speech generating devices help to develop communication skills and support interaction.

Who Are Cheap Talk Communication Devices Made For?

At Enabling Devices, we believe that everyone should have access to the power of speech. As a result, we make our Cheap Talk communicators for anyone who could benefit from a speech generator.

A number of disabilities make speech and language development challenging. For these individuals, an AAC device can serve as a tool for interacting, developing communication skills and gaining independence. People who could benefit from a communicator include:

  • Those on the autism spectrum
  • People with cerebral palsy
  • People diagnosed with ALS
  • Individuals recovering from a stroke or head injury
  • People with Down syndrome
  • Those with other disabilities that affect speech

How Cheap Talk Communication Devices Assist Children and Adults With Complex Communication Needs

Cheap Talk AAC devices assist users in a variety of ways, supporting communication and aiding in simple language and communication development.

People may use a communicator to interact with friends or get someone’s attention from a distance when verbal speech isn’t possible. Some individuals use them constantly, while others use them only in certain situations, such as when they’re talking to a stranger.

Access to a communication device — either at home, in a therapy setting or inside a classroom — can provide empowering options for interaction.

Types of Cheap Talk Communication Devices

We aim to offer communication devices that meet a diverse range of needs and abilities. You can find an overview of our Cheap Talk devices below:

We also offer communicators designed with special needs in mind, including switch-activated and scanning devices.

How to Select the Right Device

Choosing an AAC device is an exciting stage, but it can also be a challenge. To select the right one, consider the needs of the user as well as the purpose of the device itself. Our Cheap Talk communicators can help you provide the benefits of communication within your budget.

At Enabling Devices, we believe that access to speech can have a huge impact on a person’s life. Select one of our Cheap Talk devices or request a quote today.