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Choose from a dozen adaptive toy vehicles for children with special needs. Switch adapted cars and remote control planes, trains and buses for kids with disabilities. Great for teaching cause and effect in the special education classroom.

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  • Our luxury 747 airplane has bump and go action, changing direction with every obstacle, when you activate your switch.
  • Dancing TaxiSKU #2108
    Toy car lovers will delight in this wacky yellow cab! Activate your switch to start the taxi’s bump and go motion, car sounds, lively music and bright lights!
  • Terrific for truck and puzzle fans alike, our new plastic 3-D puzzle trucks are fun, environmentally sustainable and easy to assemble, even by children with fine motor skills challenges.
  • Adapted Toy School Bus
    Item will NOT ship in time for the Holidays! Make the wheels on the bus go round and round with its palm disk controller or by using your two capability switches.
  • McQueen CarSKU #1458
    Race to the finish with this infrared, remote-control car. Designed with large, brightly colored buttons, the remote is easy to access.
  • Item will NOT ship in time for the Holidays! Take a joyride with this spunky little car that beeps, spins and flashes its lights.