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Add power to playtime with interactive remote control cars for a child with special needs. Switch adapted for use by children with disabilities, you can choose from a dozen adaptive toy vehicles for children with special needs.¬†We carry an extensive selection of switch adapted cars and remote control planes, trains and buses for kids with disabilities.¬†These toys provide hours of entertainment and combine learning and development through stimulation and sensory experiences. They’re¬†ideal for families playing at home, or great for teaching cause and effect in the special education classroom.¬†Our toys also pair with our collection of adaptive switches, giving children with special needs toys they can control to have fun and become more independent.

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Why Use Adaptive Remote Control Toys?

Adaptive remote control toys for those with disabilities allow children to interact with fun, fast and exciting devices using assistive control systems designed to support their unique needs. These innovative toys provide hours of entertainment and much more, with many built-in stimuli for added enjoyment. Our assistive toys bring smiles to the faces of children and their parents alike, and also serve as valuable teaching aids.

The Benefits of Switch Adapted Toy Cars, Trucks and Toys

Our adaptive devices offer more, combing fun and learning for developmental value kids can experience whenever they power their toy on. Whether you’re a parent, educator or a caregiver, use any of our products to help children with any special needs develop essential skills and connections, including:

  • Sensory development:¬†Encourage auditory, visual and tactile development with adaptive remote control toys featuring colorful flashing lights, sounds and exciting textures, engaging the senses and promoting growth.
  • Cause and effect:¬†Adapted remote control toys teach cause and effect through controls demonstrating direct correlations between switch manipulation and toy operation, causing movement or producing sounds and lights.
  • Fine motor skills:¬†Children with special needs can build muscle control and hone fine motor skills using our adapted remote control toys, with easy-to-use assistive controls responsive to the touch.

Who Are Switch Adapted Toys Made for?

At Enabling Devices, we create and modify toys for children with special needs so they can experience more from the world. Using our switch adapted and remote-controlled toys, parents, caregivers and others connected to a child with disabilities can create and share meaningful experiences, growing while having fun.

Our switch adapted cars, trucks and other toys are great for encouraging everyone to interact. With designs suited for many different developmental levels, our products are perfect for:

  • Parents and families:¬†For over 40 years, we’ve been working with families to help create solutions for children with special needs. We’ve selected these toys for the environment they create, helping parents, siblings and extended family members share fun and exciting experiences through the use of multisensory adaptive devices.
  • Special educators:¬†Our adaptive toy cars, trucks and other toys are perfect for a special needs classroom, using lights and sound to demonstrate cause and effect or to create a soothing environment. Use our adaptive toy cars for special needs classrooms as instructional aids, rewards or for independent play with a range of adaptive switches available to accommodate all your students.
  • Occupational therapists:¬†Occupational¬†therapists often consult on and use our products to help their patients develop sensory skills, increase attention spans, improve visual capabilities and build motor function. Use a variety of our toys to introduce new stimuli and promote greater engagement through compelling sensory rewards, helping children learn or regain skills.

How to Use Switch Adapted and Remote Control Toys

Switch adaptive toys are easy to use, with simple setups and the right assistive switch. These toys are made for kids with disabilities and adapted for use by children with challenges developing gross or fine motor skills. If you think there’s an easier way for the child in your life to access our products, please let us know. We’re always happy to modify our toys and other devices to make them accessible for kids to use comfortably regardless of their disability.

Shop Our Switch Adapted and Remote Control Toys Today!

Since 1978, we’ve been helping people through switch adapted toy cars, trucks and trains made and modified for adults and children with special needs. We manufacture the majority of our own products, and we distribute others that we feel meet our high standards to bring you the largest variety of adaptive devices available online.

We carry an extensive selection of adaptive devices to help children with disabilities live fuller lives and participate in more activities. Browse our collection of adaptive toys and games for other fun products, and accessorize them with a switch suited for the user. Special educators may be interested in our selection of classroom kits, featuring assorted bundles containing useful teaching aids.

Bring light, sound, movement and more to playtime with adaptive toys made for education and enjoyment. If you’d like more information about our products or want to speak to someone about creating a custom toy or product, please give us a call at (914) 747-3070 or¬†contact us¬†online.