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  • Beep beep! Coming through! Billy’s engine roars as he drives forward, backward, right and left when his specially designed remote control is activated.
  • Look out! This renegade airplane bumps into anything in its path when you activate your switch.
  • Train lovers will adore our crazy, clutzy locomotive! Activate a switch and the train will spin around, bump into objects and reverse direction.
  • Dancing TaxiSKU #2108
    Toy car lovers will delight in this wacky yellow cab! Activate your switch to start the taxi’s bump and go motion, car sounds, lively music and bright lights!
  • Terrific for truck and puzzle fans alike, our new plastic 3-D puzzle trucks are fun, environmentally sustainable and easy to assemble, even by children with fine motor skills challenges.
  • Fire EngineSKU #1546
    Our remote-control fire engine is bound to be a favorite.  Just activate the remote’s large yellow button to make the truck go forward and activate the red button to make it turn.
  • Adapted Toy School Bus
    Make the wheels on the bus go round and round with its palm disk controller or by using your two capability switches.
  • McQueen CarSKU #1458
    Race to the finish with this infrared, remote-control car. Designed with large, brightly colored buttons, the remote is easy to access.
  • NYPD CarSKU #1457
    Join New York’s finest police force with our remote-control police car.  Press the remote’s large, easy-to-access buttons to make the car go forward, backward and turn.
  • R/C Stunt CarSKU #3092
    Perform stunts, 360-degree axle spins, and incredible wheelies when you activate our easy-to-use controller.
  • R/C ThomasSKU #2115
    Thomas the Tank Engine fans will be thrilled with this easy-to-access Thomas that includes a large two-button infrared remote control.
  • Take a joyride with this spunky little car that beeps, spins and flashes its lights.