Item # 2135

ABC Elmo


Join in with Elmo as he sings the alphabet song.

Size: 4"L x 8"W x 13"H

Weight: 3/4 lb.

Battery: 2 AA

Requires switch


Warranty: 3 Months


Join in with Elmo as he sings the alphabet song. Just activate your capability switch and Elmo sings and also says 14 fun phrases. A great way to introduce letters and to teach cause and effect. Elmo comes with his own stand.

We seemed to get this speaking Spanish. I don’t see a switch to change to English help?Back to product
asked by Anonymous on 2020-02-25 11:57:04
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  1. ENGLISH to Spanish Mode: To switch Elmo’s speech from English to Spanish, follow these steps. • Press and hold Elmo’s tummy for 3 seconds. • You will hear a beep and Elmo will speak a phrase in Spanish. • Release your hold on Elmo’s tummy before he finishes speaking to remain in Spanish mode. • If you release your hold on Elmo after he finishes speaking and you hear a beep, he will revert to English mode. • Repeat steps to switch Elmo back to English mode. We only offer support if you have a special needs switch adapted Elmo from Enabling Devices. In the back of the doll where the batteries If you purchased the ABC Elmo from a store like Amazon or Walmart you will need to contact playskool directly for support here:
    vinny answered on 2020-02-25 13:40:59