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  • Take a trip into the wild blue yonder with our ocean-themed sensory gel pad. Ideal for young and old alike, users will have a swimmingly great time moving four colorful fish across the ocean floor while experiencing tactile and visual sensory fun.
  • Put-em-around (blue)
    Put-Em-AroundsSKU #9012W
    Users can be part of the conversation wherever they are with these unique wall communicators! To view accessories for this item click accessories tab below.
  • All children love tents! We have filled this tent with items to stimulate every sense providing a calming, private place for a child to relax and explore.
  • We added 4 levels to our bestselling compact communicator in addition to its single, sequential, and random message capabilities! To view accessories for this item click accessories tab below.
  • Instant rewards!  Perfect for developing grasping skills, localizing sound and teaching cause and effect.
  • Talkables With Built-in Icon Holders
    Compact and intuitive, these basic easy talk message communicators come with built-in icon holders and free clear covers. To view accessories for this item click accessories tab below.
    $159.95$249.95 $139.95$249.95
  • A wonderful way to facilitate communication and express creativity, this interactive communicator encourages users to tell their stories through photos, icons and drawings.
  • Our trusty timer now comes with an audible alarm. Terrific for use in therapy or the classroom for timed testing or preparing for transitions.
  • Feels fabulous! Our flexible 2-speed vibrator can be wrapped around almost any body part to provide soothing and energizing vibrotactile feedback.
    $61.95$79.95 $55.95$71.95
  • Wearable Talker
    You’d be hard pressed to find a communicator more versatile or convenient than this one. Worn on your wrist, forearm, leg or a wheelchair arm, this device accommodates two 10-second messages.

How Are Products Adapted for Autism?

People with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) have unique needs when it comes to communicating, learning and feeling comfortable in different environments. Whether in classrooms, therapy settings or at home, these individuals need access to products that work for them.

Adaptive products act as tools to help people with autism function and expand their strengths by increasing comfort and filling gaps in ability. For example, an adaptive tool might reduce a person’s anxiety by outlining a schedule or provide recorded messages to make interpersonal communication easier.

Using technology and a little creativity, Enabling Devices makes products that allow people with autism to comfortably interact and learn. Our tools can help facilitate communication, assist with organization and scheduling or provide sensory awareness and vibrotactile feedback.

Types of Devices That Can Be Beneficial for Individuals With Autism

At Enabling Devices, we provide a number of product and devices that can help children with autism, including:

  • Communication Devices: With our communication devices, like the 32 Message Communicator and Big Talk, individuals on the autism spectrum can have an easier time communicating with those around them, building their skills with expression along the way.

Benefits of Toys and Tools Adapted Specifically for Autism

Though it’s possible for people with autism to cope without specially designed devices, choosing toys and tools specifically for autism can have advantages.

For teachers, using adaptive products like classroom schedulers and time trackers can help improve students’ learning outcomes and reduce their anxiety levels throughout the day. For therapists, communication builders and adapted games can help clients develop the interpersonal skills they need to lead more connected and functional lives.

When you use products specifically designed for autism, you avoid trial and error that can frustrate you and the person you’re trying to help. You can also rest assured that your client, student or loved one will benefit from the device. After all, adaptive tools for autism are designed to improve the user’s learning, sensory awareness and comfort.

Tools and toys adapted specifically for people on the autism spectrum assist with one or more of the following goals:

  • Improving communication skills
  • Building organizational skills
  • Increasing sensory awareness
  • Relieving anxiety through sensory input or structure

By providing valuable assistance in these areas, adaptive tools can help people with autism improve their quality of life and function in settings that would otherwise prove challenging.

How to Select the Right Adapted Product

As the name suggests, ASD encompasses a wide spectrum of experience. Since different people experience autism in different ways, selecting the right adapted product takes a deep understanding of the person who will be using it, including their needs and goals. For example, some people may need the assistance of a communicator, while others may just want tools that provide sensory input.

In order to provide the wide range of tools you may need, we designed our Autism Spectrum Disorder Kit. The 12 included tools can fulfill a wide variety of needs by teaching organizational skills, developing communication abilities and providing sensory input.

Have a Device in Mind That You Don’t See? We May Be Able to Make It for You!

People on the autism spectrum deserve access to resources that help them function and achieve comfort. You can help students, clients and others by investing in tools adapted to serve them.

At Enabling Devices, we understand everyone has unique needs and abilities. In fact, the vast majority of our products — about 90 percent of them — are ideal for individuals with autism. If you have an idea for an adaptive device but don’t see it offered in our Autism Spectrum Disorder Kit or other product listings, reach out to us! We may be able to design a product to meet your unique needs.