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  • Acoustic? Electric? Hound Dog? It’s your choice with this versatile, switch adapted guitar toy. Activate one switch to hear 20 familiar tunes, the other to hear nine “puppy-themed” songs.
  • Band JamSKU #1115
    Everyone’s a rock star with this five-in-one battery-operated drum-set. Just press one of the five buttons on the toy’s base to hear sounds of a tambourine, triangle, drum, cymbal or maraca.
  • Bongo DrumsSKU #756
    These drums are the real deal! They’re high quality, produce great sound, are made from animal hide, and can be tuned with an attached key.
  • DrumSKU #807
    Drum roll please! Activate an external switch or press the yellow switch at the drum’s base and watch its drumstick twirl.
  • DrumbourineSKU #872
    Rock out with this adapted tambourine
  • They’ll jingle and jangle their way to sensory satisfaction with this musical instrument that doubles as a capability switch.
  • This toy’s a triple threat! Just activate the large, textured switch plate to experience bright orange light, soft vibration and six high-fi recordings.
  • Little stars can rock the house with our switch-adapted, interactive toy guitar.
  • MeowsicSKU #1662
    Cute as a kitten, our two-switch-adapted keyboard has a sturdy removable base for accessibility, plays 20 favorite songs, as well as 7 kitten-themed tunes!
  • Mini CarillonSKU #2201
    Ding dong! Your introduction to music is here! Our precision-tuned bells come with six color-coded song cards that make it easy to play favorites like “Twinkle, Twinkle” and “Mary Had a Little Lamb” by pressing the color-corresponding switch.
  • Music BlocksSKU #4543
    Create thousands of melodies! Each side of these five colorful blocks play a different phrase of music chosen from three musical themes.
  • Music BoxSKU #702
    Let the music play! Plug in up to four of your capability switches to hear four different tunes and see flashing lights.
  • Budding musicians will delight in our touch sensitive playmat fit for one or more players.
  • Musical SnailSKU #1114
    The healing properties of music are well documented. This teaching toy enables budding musicians to play musical notes by pressing its colorful buttons.
  • Conduct a musical ensemble with this switch-adapted toy that plays seven familiar tunes.
  • Jam on with our switch-adapted saxophone equipped with two modes.
  • Piano MatSKU #2132
    Bust a move on this super-sized interactive keyboard.
  • Our bestselling Ring Around Bells is excellent for music therapy and classroom music time.
  • Hear six different Mozart compositions when you press any of the brightly colored instrument switches
  • Everything you need to start a fully inclusive band, this set includes cluster bells, castanets, jingle and drum sticks.
  • Everyone’s a musician with our touch screen, light-up piano and drum set.