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  • Save 11%
    O2Cool Adapted FanSKU #2139 - On Sale until 10/31/18
    Activate your switch and this sturdy fan blows a steady breeze.
    $55.95 $49.95
  • Activate devices in comfort with our newly designed Mount with pillow switch.
  • Super light touch switches will be your favorite!
  • RustySKU #1074
    Rusty Our adorable painted pony will put a smile on everyone’s face.
  • ScentifierSKU #3210W
    Quiet fan offers bold performance to project essential oils into any room.
  • Our fiber optic sensory cascade has beautiful and stimulating LED illumination with complete color change.
  • Irresistible to touch! Move your hands across the reversible sequins and see the colors change like magic.
  • Soft RockerSKU #3713W
    Rock safely back and forth as you relax, read or play your favorite game.
  • Spins around multisensory adapted toy
    Spinz-a-RoundSKU #7799
    Dazzling glitter, mirror, lights and upbeat music make this an exceptional multisensory experience.
  • Just press the smiley face button to start the bouncing balls and twinkling multi-color lights.
  • Tube TrackerSKU #5061
    Have tons of fun while promoting eye tracking and developing switch access skills.
  • Great for stimulating both the visual and tactile senses.