Compact and intuitive, these best-selling basic message AAC communicators make it easy for people with speech impairments to communicate. Great for developing basic language skills. Choose two, three or four message communicators. Come with built-in icon holders and free clear covers.

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Talkable Communication Devices for Those With Speech Impairments

Adults and children who have minor or major speech impairments need a fun way to develop their ability to speak at a comfortable pace. That’s why we designed the acclaimed Talkables for those with speech-impairment.

To help you select the most suitable device for your loved one, here are some facts you should know about Talkable.

What Are Talkables?

Talkable are intuitive augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) devices that help people living with impaired speech communicate. Essentially, they’re visual message communicators that help users “speak” messages recorded by others, and receive both tactile and auditory feedback. They have large colored button switches and icon holders that allow the user, teacher or parent to add and remove pictures to give visual cues.

How Do Talkable AAC Communicators Work?

Talkable allows a user, therapist or caregiver to record messages. Then, in order to play them back, the person using the device just needs to press a button or activate a switch. Messages can be re-recorded at any time. The Talkable also have a place to put your picture icons and output jacks that are used to activate other devices. The jacks permit the user to activate a toy or any other compatible adapted device for immediate reinforcement.

Textured tops are also available to add a more rewarding tactile feedback to the user. You can also create icons with an icon creation software. This application contains pre-installed color icons and templates for making your own icons.

How Talkables Help Those With Disabilities

Talkables provide an individual who has a severe speech impairment with the ability to meet his or her functional speaking needs.Other benefits include:

  • Allowing for individuals to say and play with words and helping the process of acquiring new words.
  • Pairing words with voice output to help with auditory processing
  • Giving an attractive and easy-to-use interface for practicing speech
  • Providing visual cues that encourage the child to speak and enhance learning
  • Giving tactile and auditory feedback to reinforce learning

Choosing Talkables Communication Devices From Enabling Devices

Talkables are designed and manufactured by Enabling Devices to meet the needs of parents and teachers who want to help those with speech impairments. You can find the most recent models of Talkables for sale in our online store. Here’s a brief description of each model:

  • Talkable 2 has two big colored button switches and two icon holders. It also has two output jacks that can be connected to two toys or devices for activation. This AAC device allows the user to record two 10-second messages for a total of 20 seconds.
  • Talkable 3 offers three recordings of five seconds each. It also has three built-in icon holders with clear covers for the icons. There are three output jacks on this device that can be connected to three different devices.
  • Talkable 4 has four large switches and four icon holders. It records four messages for five seconds each for a total of 20 seconds.
  • Talkable 4 12-Level Communicator has the same features as the Talkable 4 but it has added 12 Levels for a total of 48 6-second messages.

Select a Talkable for Your Loved One Today

Choose one of the Talkables designed by Enabling Devices to assist your child or student in developing their ability to speak. Contact us now for more information about our assisted devices.