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We’ve switch adapted Mickey, Elmo, Curious George, Beat Bo, Peppa Pig and more for your child with special needs. Simply activate your ability switch and these characters come to life with songs and sounds. Great for special education classrooms to teach cause and effect.

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  • Mickey sings the "Hot Dog" song and four fun phrases when you activate your switch.
  • Cuddly Mimbleballs (Set of 3)
    These cute and cuddly Mimbleballs are irresistible therapy toys for any age. Thimble (pink), Bimble (white), and Theo (green) are a trio of soft “fur”, wild and crazy hair, and button eyes.
  • A beloved literary character comes to life with our switch activated Jack-in-the-box.
  • Dog on Skate
    Skates around rapidly! Fun loving skateboarder enables children to visually track it around the room.
  • Elliot The Elephant
    Activate your capability switch and Elliot will sing and sway along to the song “Do Your Ears Hang Low” while his ears flap up and down. This product is also available at a discounted price if you order it as part of our ATL Special Offer - #1207W
  • Fa La La Llama
    Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle All The Way! This sweet little llama trots and sings Jingle Bells when activated with or without an adapted switch.
  • Feel Good Glenn
    Glenn the singing teddy bear makes everyone feel better by singing and dancing to the song “I Feel Good” when you activate your capability switch.
  • Head-to-Toe Wilbur
    To view accessories for this item click accessories tab below. Adorable switch-adapted Wilbur sings “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” while touching his toes! Head-To-Toe Wilbur promotes exercise and interaction while teaching parts of the body.
  • Laugh & Learn Camping Fun Lantern
    This switch-adapted camping lantern plays more than a dozen songs, tunes and phrases, teaching users counting, colors, opposites and animals. To view accessories for this item click accessories tab below.
  • Penguins climb to the top of their iceberg and "swoosh" down the slide to the bottom.

Popular Character Toys Adapted for Special Needs

Encourage learning, play and development with toys featuring today’s most popular kid’s characters, adapted for independent use by children with special needs. We’ve switch adapted Mickey, Elmo, Curious George, Beat Bo, Peppa Pig and more for your child with special needs. We develop and modify character toys with switch activation for children with special needs to help them grow mentally and physically, and achieve greater personal independence. Simply activate your ability switch, and these characters come to life with songs and sounds. These devices are easy to activate and produce lights, music and other stimuli. They’re perfect for use at home and great for special education classrooms to teach cause and effect.

Switch Adapted Toys With Popular Characters

At Enabling Devices, we’ve adapted a wide range of fun and interactive toys for children with disabilities, including stuffed animals, buzzers, musical toys and more. Find many quality toys with the characters kids love, including Mickey Mouse, Curious George, Puppy, Stuart the Minion and others with new toys arriving all the time. If there’s something you’re looking for, or a character someone in your life is attached to, ask about our custom toy modification and creation services and help get the toy they want, adapted for their abilities.

Who Are Adapted Character Toys Made for?

Adapted character toys are suited for children with virtually any disabilities or special needs and designed for easy use with our extensive range of adaptive switches. These toys, such as our adapted Mickey toys for special needs, are made for lasting entertainment but offer much more. They make playtime more valuable with different visual, auditory and tactile stimulation, promoting physical development and improving cognitive skills. Beyond helping children, these toys benefit:

  • Special education classrooms: Our toys are ideal learning aids in a special education classroom, teaching shapes, colors and more with devices the whole class can enjoy.
  • Occupational therapists: We work with occupational therapists to develop toys capable of teaching essential life skills and building on them with repeated use.

How Do You Use Adapted Character Toys?

Our adapted Curious George toys for special needs bring fun and enjoyment to children with special needs, but also offer much more. Use our different adapted toys to help kids grow mentally and physically with engaging and varying stimuli. Have fun while developing important skills and lessons, including:

  • Teaching cause and effect: Adaptive switch toys use a combination of lights, sounds, moving characters and more to help children create meaningful mental connections between cause and effect.
  • Improving visual skills: These toys are made to draw children with disabilities in, holding their attention with exciting sensory rewards they can freely interact with, improving tracking and attention span.
  • Identifying shapes, colors and more: Purchase several different toys of varying shapes and colors to help teach kids important skills.
  • Teaching counting: Children with disabilities are more likely to want to learn to count when their favorite popular characters are involved.
  • Sensory support: Whenever a child feels overwhelmed, they can get support and calming abilities from their beloved toy.

Shop Our Switch Adapted Popular Character Toys Today!

Enabling Devices carries the largest variety of adapted devices, with over 40 years serving adults and children with special needs, their families and those entrusted with their care. We develop and distribute products to help people live fuller lives, designed with or modified to accommodate our adaptive switches, promoting greater independence. Shop our current selection for toys that entertain while teaching, giving the child or children in your life something they can enjoy and grow using.

Since 1978, Enabling Devices has helped people with disabilities live fuller lives, creating devices designed for greater independence. For more ways to combine fun and learning, browse our collection of adapted toys and games for children with special needs. We offer custom toy creation services as well, modifying current products or inventing new ones to help everyone enjoy the entertaining fun and learning experiences our toys provide.

For help finding adapted toys for the people in your life, or to ask about creating a custom toy for a child with special needs, please call (914) 747-3070 or contact us today.