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Bubble blowers for children with disabilities help kids learn cause and effect and many other skills while they have fun making bubbles. These machines, which are uniquely adapted bubble blowers for kids with special needs, are activated by specially designed adaptive switches. They are designed to enable children of all ages to have fun as they learn and improve skills like eye-tracking, measuring and predicting.

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Types of Switch-Adapted Bubble Blowers

Various kinds of adapted bubble machines may be used by teachers and parents to help their kids appreciate the principle of cause and effect. Some of the most popular bubble blowers that work with special switches include:

  • Themed bubble blowers: These blowers are made in the shape of animals or have animal pictures on them.
  • Bump and bubble robot blowers: Blowers in this category turn, spin or tumble as they produce bubbles.
  • Colorful blowers: These blowers have very attractive colors that help the child focus.
  • Giggle blowers: These toys produce sounds, talk, giggle or count as they create tons of bubbles.

Benefits of Switch-Adapted Bubble Machines for Individuals With Disabilities

Teachers and parents can allow their kids to have fun with a switch-adapted bubble toy. While the child will likely get excited by this activity, they’ll also improve various skills, including:

  • Spatial awareness: As the wind carries the bubbles away, you can explore various ways to describe distance. For instance, you may give a description of height as the bubbles go up in the air.
  • Cause and effect: Kids can use this fun activity to discover how they can create the desired effect by taking the right action.
  • Visual tracking: Let children use their eyes to follow the movement of newly formed bubbles until they burst.
  • Counting: The bubble blower that produces sounds (Giggle & Bubble Elmo) is an excellent tool to help kids learn to count as they produce bubbles.
  • Motor skills: Using the adaptive switch can help kids with weak motor skills improve as they tap the large button on the adapted switch.

Choosing a Switch Adaptive Bubble Machine From Enabling Devices

Enabling Devices produces a range of bubble-making machines to help kids with disabilities. If you’re ready to get one for your children in school or at home, here are some of the factors you need to consider:

  • The skills you want to teach: Choose a machine that can count and make sounds if you want to help your child develop counting skills.
  • How much pressure is needed to activate the switch: Select a switch that’s easy to operate while helping the child develop motor skills.
  • The child’s age: For younger kids, choose a themed bubble blower or one that spins and turns.

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