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  • Air MouseSKU #4301W
    Control your cursor with our hands-free mouse. Simple to use and easy to install, the mouse responds to head movements and switch activations, enabling the user to right and left click, lock on and off.
  • Our best-selling multi-dome activity center, keeps playtime interesting for hours.
  • Our sequencer communicator allows the user to first hear a series of words and then select one by simply activating its capability switch.
  • Additional filters for the Sip and Puff Switch #970 and the Grip and Puff Switch #700. Comes in a Set of 6.
  • Aqua DomeSKU #1691
    This unique device uses water, lights and music to create a soothing, multisensory experience. To operate, activate your switch and observe a soft rainbow of changing lights glimmering through gently flowing water.
  • ATL Bundle.2020.4
    ATL BundleSKU #4089
    This carefully selected goody bag filled with five of our newest and most popular adapted toys and five of our bestselling switches will teach students valuable lessons about cause and effect, increase their visual and auditory attention and much more. Take Along Tunes #1417 is no longer available, we are using Volcano Lamp #3289 as a replacement. Dory Bubble Blower #2236 is no longer available, we are using Giggle & Bubbles Elmo #2257 as a replacement.
  • ATL Special Offer
    Buy any three of these bestselling adapted toys for a reduced price. (All Toys also available individually) Bump and Go Train #410 is no longer available, using Bump n Go Plane #5055 as a replacement Take Along Tunes #1417 is no longer available, using Volcano Lamp #3289 as a replacement Sing Along Sydney #9317 is no longer available, using Twinkles to Go Octo #9213 as a replacement Dory Bubble Blower #2236 is temporarily unavailable, using Giggle & Bubble Elmo #2257 as a replacement
  • You rang? Our easy-to-use switch adapted call chime lets you know they need assistance even if you are as far as 40 feet away!
  • Just right for those unable to use a multi-button communicator due to visual or physical impairments, this unique communicator scans through pre-recorded messages at a volume that only the user can hear.
  • The Aura LED Projector is an ideal projector for your sensory space. It’s calming, soothing and relaxing. To view accessories for this item click accessories tab below.