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A Guide to Assistive Devices & Adaptive Tech for People With Disabilities

Assistive technology devices help people with disabilities achieve their goals. Individuals with disabilities use assistive technology products to do activities they can’t do on their own. People of a wide range of ages and abilities count on these tools to make the world around them more accessible and comfortable. A person with a disability can find greater independence with an assistive device that lets them participate in their lives the way they want.

Most people buy assistive technology with a purpose in mind. They have a goal they want to reach, and the device will help them reach it. Just as we all have different abilities, we all have unique goals. Assistive devices serve a variety of uses, enabling people to complete tasks like:

  • Communicating
  • Playing
  • Moving
  • Hearing
  • Seeing
  • Paying attention
  • Calming down
  • Developing language or motor skills
  • Expressing ideas
  • Driving
  • Reading
  • Eating
  • Grasping items
  • Taking care of themselves
  • Preparing food
  • Getting dressed and undressed

While one person may need a device for only one of these tasks, someone else may need assistive technology for more than one activity. Assistive technology products can enable a single action or many at once. Someone with a disability might need their device every now and then, or they might bring it with them everywhere they go.

At Enabling Devices, we help people with disabilities live fulfilling lives by providing products that make the impossible possible.

What Is the Difference Between Assistive Devices and Adaptive Devices?

When researching assistive technology, you may see the terms “assistive device” and “adaptive device” used interchangeably. While all adaptive devices are assistive devices, not all assistive devices are adaptive devices. In particular:

  • An assistive device¬†is any product that helps people with disabilities achieve their goals. These tools include wheelchairs, wheelchair mounts, communication devices, and much more.
  • An adaptive device¬†is a type of assistive device created to make an existing technology accessible. Braille, screen reader software and switch-adapted products all count as adaptive devices.

In other words, “assistive device” is a category of products, and “adaptive device” is a subcategory. They both improve peoples’ lives by giving them the tools needed for success.

At Enabling Devices, we offer both assistive and adaptive devices to our customers. We want to give each individual the solutions they need to thrive. To accomplish this mission, we develop custom devices for customers who can’t find the right fit. If you can’t find an assistive or adaptive device for your disability, don’t hesitate to contact us. We specialize in customization and development of new products for unmet needs, call our Product Development Team at (800) 832-8697 to learn more.

What Types of Assistive Devices Are Available for Individuals With Disabilities?

There are a number of assistive and adapted devices available for your unique needs. You can find the following types of products available online at Enabling Devices:

  • Adapted toys:¬†Children, teens and adults with disabilities can press a button to activate our switch adapted toys. We also sell a variety of toys made to appeal to people of all abilities.
  • Communication devices:¬†People with complex communication needs can share their ideas using these speech and non-voice communicators. We have products for people with all levels of communication abilities.
  • Classroom kits:¬†We specially assembled these bundles of our bestselling products for special needs classrooms teaching people with a wide range of disabilities including kits for¬†communication,¬†sensory needs,¬†fine motor development,¬†computer access,¬†Autism¬†and more.
  • Sensory products:¬†Our sensory tools appeal to all five senses for anyone who feels over- or understimulated. We can also help you design the perfect sensory room with¬†our free quotes and design services.
  • Adaptive switches:¬†An adaptive switch allows someone to activate switch adapted toys and electronics. These special needs devices come in various colors, shapes and sizes to suit different needs.
  • Devices for visual impairments:¬†These devices feature high-contrast, brightly lit and tactile components so that people with visual impairments can easily use them.
  • Training, therapy and ADL tools:¬†Our series of training products helps people learn and complete activities of daily living (ADLs). These tools are also favored by occupational therapists to train and strengthen hand muscles.
  • iPad accessories:¬†We offer mounting systems, styluses and ability switches that let people of many abilities access their iPads.
  • Adapted electronics:¬†These adaptive technologies allow people with disabilities to use electronics and electronic media. We provide music players, computer accessories and remote controls.
  • Mounting devices and systems:¬†Mounting these products on wheelchairs, tabletops and other surfaces let the user hold cups, communication devices, adaptive switches and more.

We make it easy for you to find the products you are looking for with categories and a custom search based on what we can help you do. Click on the “Products” option in the menu to launch a detailed search based on your needs. You can select the goals you want to achieve and mention any voluntary muscle movement you have. After you make your selections, click “Find Products” to get a list of products that suit your abilities.

Offering the Largest Selection of Assistive Devices for More Than 40 Years

Everyone has unique abilities that don’t always fit into a single category. Yet so many assistive device companies have only one or two types of products, perhaps only selling communicators or toys. However, we don’t think such a small selection covers everyone’s needs.

As the first company to create adapted products, Enabling Devices offers the most diverse inventory of assistive technology devices for handicapped people of all experiences. Since 1978, we have been creating assistive devices to better the lives of individuals with special needs, and we do the same today. We design and manufacture the majority of our products ourselves and even create new products based on your needs so that we can help everyone who shops with us. We are committed to offering items for anyone looking for affordable technology to assist a person with a disability.

Buy Your Assistive Technology Products Online Today at Enabling Devices!

We design and sell assistive technology devices for kids with special needs and adults with disabilities with the goal of improving peoples’ lives. However, we realize that unlocking potential goes beyond the devices. That’s why we dedicate ourselves to offering every customer individualized and caring service. Enabling Devices started as a family-run company, and it stays that way now. If you have any questions or need help understanding our products,¬†we encourage you to contact us.

Shop our hundreds of products made to empower people with disabilities today and subscribe to our email list for product updates and special offers. You can easily order the products you want online, or if you can’t find what you need, contact us for¬†assistance creating a custom device.