Textured Tops for Gumball Switches
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Textured Tops for Gumball Switches


Four different textured snap-on tops that can go on our Gumball switches (#782), Small Talks and Talkable communicators.

Size: 2Β½"D x Β½"H

Weight: ΒΌ lb.

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Four different textured snap-on tops that can go on our Gumball switches (#782), Small Talks and Talkable communicators (not included) to provide you with a wonderful somatosensory experience. Textures are large bumps, small bumps, thin lines, and a circular pattern. Comes in Set of 4.

Textured Snap-On Tops for Adapted Gumball Switches & Communicators

These textured tops for Gumball Switches (#782) and Talkable communicators enhance the somatosensory experience. Our tactile textured covers for adapted gumball switches and communicators have different textures and snap on and off with ease. They come in a set of four textures β€” large bumps, small bumps, a circular pattern and thin lines.

Snap one of these clear covers onto an Enabling Devices switch or communicator to give it a fun texture. These tops will create a new somatosensory experience when you’re using your favorite device. Experiment with different textures to find the most engaging choice.

Compatible With Enabling Devices Products

Our textured button covers fit the following products from Enabling Devices:

  • Gumball Switches: The standard Gumball Switch activates a variety of adapted toys and devices with a press.
  • Small Talks: Our Small Talks compact communicators have many capabilities, including single, sequential and random message playing.
  • Talkables: Talkables include multiple messages and levels for communication that grow with the user.

Please note that these covers only fit products from Enabling Devices, not other brands.

Why Use Tactile Button Covers?

Textured button covers can help people with the following types of needs:

  • Sensory: When the user presses a button with one of these covers, they get a tactile sensation. They can use this feeling as a reward for communication or a form of stimulation.
  • Visual: If someone has visual needs that make it difficult to tell buttons apart by sight, these covers can help. The user can identify each button through various textures.

Anyone who appreciates a fun tactile experience will love adding these covers to their devices.

Who Uses Communicators and Adaptive Switches With Textured Covers?

Individuals with disabilities such as autism that involve unique sensory needs most often use these plastic tops. The types of customers who buy these textured covers include:

  • Adults and children with disabilities
  • Friends, family members and loved ones
  • Care organizations and caregivers
  • Teachers and schools
  • Occupational and speech therapists

Since these button tops fit devices related to important aspects of everyday life, they have a wide range of users. People of many ages and abilities make use of the four different textures.

Buy Tactile Button Covers Today

Add these covers to your cart or quote today for a new experience with your device. If you need assistance, we welcome you to contact our team online. You can also ask about our custom products.

Questions and answers of the customers

    Will these fit on our Jelly Bean switches?
  1. Q Will these fit on our Jelly Bean switches?
    Asked by Anonymous user on November 13, 2018 3:41 pm
    A No the Jelly Bean switch is made by another company, these covers will only fit our Gumball switches.
  2. Will these caps also fit a Little Step-By-Step communicator?
  3. Q Will these caps also fit a Little Step-By-Step communicator?
    Asked by Anonymous user on August 15, 2018 12:34 pm
    A No because the Little Step-By-Step is made by another company. Our caps only fit our devices.