pancake switch

Pancake Switches


Big target, low profile! Just touch the sensitive outside rim or anywhere on the top surface and you can activate any toy or device.

#769B, G, R & Y Original Price: $39.95. FINAL SALE – NON-RETURNABLE.
#766 Original Price: $127.95. FINAL SALE – NON-RETURNABLE.

Size: 5½"D

Weight: ½ lb.

Battery: 0



Warranty: 3 Months


Easy activation! We’ve added a 3/8″ low rim to make it even easier to activate. Just touch the sensitive outside rim or anywhere on the top surface and you can activate any switch adapted toy or device. Comes with a clear cover for your photographs or icons.

Adapted Pancake Switch – Low Profile, Easy Activation

We built the Pancake Switch for people who need a large activation area and low profile. You can touch the top surface or the 3/8-inch outside rim to activate the device you connect to this button. The Pancake Switch comes with a clear cover that you can use for icons or photographs.

Low-Profile, Easy-to-Activate Adapted Switches for Special Needs

This adapted switch activates a connected device when you press on its top or rim. The Pancake Switch’s features include:

  • A total 5 3/8-inch activation surface for people who need a large target area
  • Four vibrant color options — red, blue, yellow and green
  • A clear cover that you can remove with the turn of a quarter

Since you can touch almost anywhere on the button to activate it, it can help people with a wide range of motor abilities.

Using Your 3/8-Inch Rim Activation Switch for Disabilities

The Pancake Switch works with a wide range of adapted devices and toys. It can help you in the following areas of living and more:

  • Learning: The Pancake Switch can activate learning tools that teach new concepts and skills.
  • Communicating: Communication devices that play audio messages or show images also work with the Pancake Switch.
  • Playing: You can play with our adapted games and toys by connecting the Pancake Switch and pressing it.

Our customers use the Pancake Switch for many other activities involving adapted devices as well.

Where to Place Colored Easy Activation Adapted Switches

Put the low-profile Pancake Switch on a flat surface for the best results. You can use this button on:

  • Desks
  • Tables
  • Counters

Keep your Pancake Switch horizontal for the best results. It does not come with mounting holes or hardware, so it best suits situations where you don’t need to hold the switch down.

People Who Benefit From Adapted Pancake Switches

Customers of the Pancake Switch include:

  • Children and adults with disabilities
  • Friends, family members and loved ones
  • Teachers, therapists and caretakers

People with disabilities and the individuals in their lives can appreciate the benefits this switch provides.

Buy a Low-Profile Pancake Switch Today

To try the Pancake Switch yourself, add it to your quote or cart today. You may also contact an online representative or request a custom adapted device.

Questions and answers of the customers

  1. A Yes there is a slight click from the switch inside.
  2. A No our switches are made to work with switch enabled toys and devices that run on batteries for the most part. We do make an item # 1490 Single Switch Appliance Unit that can turn ON/OFF AC powered devices. Please see link for more info:
  3. A Yes if you uses it with our single appliance modal #1490.
  4. A There are no accommodations for switch use on devices battery powered or electrical like a toaster for switch use. A toaster is not going to work with a switch because of how the toaster operates. Someone still needs to push down a lever to start the toaster.