Item # 1166

iPad Wireless Switch Interface


There’s a switch interface for that app! Just connect your switch and access hundreds of compatible apps.

Size: 2¼"W x 2¾"L x ½"H

Weight: ½ lb.


Warranty: 3 Months


There’s a switch interface for that app! Just connect your switch and access hundreds of compatible apps. Works through Bluetooth 4.0 for simple pairing and has a range of over 50 feet. Their only problem? So many apps, so little time! A lithium-ion battery recharges through your USB port or USB AC charger (not included).

Questions and answers of the customers

  1. A If the app uses the Space/Enter Keys our mode #5 or the media controls like YouTube Play/Pause, Next our mode # 4 then it should work. If not you could try Apples built in assertive function called recipes.
  2. A No this is not a switch, it is a Bluetooth switch interface to be used with a switch and an iPad. We do have our No. 1164 big Red iPad switch that also works as a switch to activate any switch adapted toys via a cord not Bluetooth. https://enablingdevices.com/product/ipad-wireless-switches
  3. A Please contact us via phone for tech support at 1-800-832-8697 ext. 320. or via email at customer-support@enablingdevices.com.
  4. A You can contact our sales dept. at 1-800-832-8697 or you can use a standard smart phone charging cable which is USB to Micro USB. There is nothing different with our cables. If you have the very old ones without the number pad on it then they would use a USB to Mini USB cable.
  5. A Only two of the key functions can be accessed via external switches. For iPad use 99% of the time that would be the SPACE & ENTER keys (mode #6). Switch port 1/2 is the SPACE key in mode 6 and port 3/4 is the ENTER key in mode 6. If you look at the user's guide here on the product page you can view the other key functions, but these only work by pressing on the keys themselves.
  6. A It is normal for any of your Bluetooth switches/interface to shut down after about 1 minute if they are not connected to an iPad. This is to prevent the battery from being drained out completely. The interface can only be paired with one iPad at a time or it will not show up as a pairable device in your ipad’s Bluetooth menu. power the switch interface up without any external switches plugged into it. Press the power button and hold it down until the led light flashes rapidly and I do mean rapidly back and forth between the colors red and green. Only then will it be properly reset. Here is a video link to show how to reset The reset part starts at the 3:00 minute mark. https://enablingdevices.com/product/ipad-wireless-switch-interface