Glitter Gumball Switches


Gumballs with glitter add visual interest and a touch of glamour! Choose from four color choices or treat your students to all four.

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Size: 3"D x ¾"H

Weight: ¼ lb.

Battery: NONE

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Gumballs with glitter add visual interest and a touch of glamour! Choose from four color choices or treat your students to all four. These dependable, high quality switches provide both audible and tactile feedback and are come with permanent clear plastic covers. Their bases have three holes for easy mounting. Mounting plates are removable.

Glitter Gumball Adapted Switches – Blue, Green, Pink & Multi-Colored

Add some glamour and visual interest to your Gumball Switch with a dazzling Glitter Gumball Switch. Choose from one of four stunning colors or get the entire set as a treat. These high-quality and reliable buttons create tactile and audible feedback and feature clear, permanent covers. They feature removable mounting plates and three holes as well.

An Adapted Glitter Gumball Switch for Special Needs

This activation switch connects to adapted toys and devices. Press the button to use the connected device and enjoy features like:

  • Four mesmerizing colors — multicolored, blue, green and pink
  • A 2½-inch activation surface for users who can touch a smaller target area
  • Permanent clear covers that protect the glitter surface
  • Base with three holes for easy mounting

Please note that you cannot remove the clear top on this button.

How to Use Your Glitter-Colored Gumball Adapted Switch

The Glitter Gumball Switch operates many types of devices and toys to make life more accessible. Use this glitzy button for purposes such as:

  • Communicating: Press the button to activate a communication device that plays a message or shows a picture.
  • Playing: With so many adapted toys available from Enabling Devices, the Glitter Gumball opens a world of fun.
  • Learning: Activate learning tools that help build skills like visual attention and motor function.

People who can reach a smaller target area and enjoy visual feedback can especially benefit from using the Glitter Gumball.

Where to Place Your Mountable Glitter Adapted Switch for Disabilities

Thanks to the three mounting holes on the base, the Glitter Gumball can mount on the following surfaces and more:

  • Tables
  • Walls
  • Desks
  • Mobility aids
  • Assistive clamps and arms

You may discover even more places to put the Glitter Gumball Switch to increase accessibility.

Who Uses Glitter Gumball Switches?

Glitter Gumball switches add glamour to everyday life for people with disabilities and those they know, including:

  • Children and adults with disabilities
  • Care organizations
  • Family members and loved ones
  • Occupational therapists and teachers

These dazzling buttons make a great choice for first-time users and anyone who wants a glittery option for their activation switch.

Add Some Glitz to Switch Activation

Add the Glitter Gumball to your cart or quote today. You can also ask about custom adapted products or contact us for assistance.

Questions and answers of the customers

  1. Q Is there an auditory component with the switches
    Asked by Anonymous user on April 8, 2020 12:33 am
    A Yes you will hear a mechanical click when the switch top is depressed.
  2. Q Ours came with two plastic clear covers but one is larger with a wider flat part - what is the bigger one for?
    Asked by Anonymous user on March 27, 2019 2:06 pm
    A The one with the larger low lip is for users who cant lift their hands up all the way to reach the top of the switch. They can lean or roll up to the switch.
  3. Q Why does the set of 4 cost more than buying one of each colour? Does it come with something extra?
    Asked by Anonymous user on October 5, 2018 2:28 pm
    A That was a mistake and has been corrected. Thank you.
  4. Q Can you use this switch with any device or does it have to be made specifically for this switch?
    Asked by kduncan on May 4, 2018 11:05 am
    A The devices has to be made or adapted to use this type of switch. This will not work with off the shelf products you would buy in a store.