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  • Ball Chairs
    Ball ChairsSKU #1446W
    Great for anyone who has trouble sitting still, focusing and paying attention, these specially designed chairs also improve balance and posture.
  • Beanless Bag Chair
    Furnish your sensory space with this contoured, comfortable and supportive inflatable chair.
  • Donut BallsSKU #9065W
    Sitting down is a treat when the seat is a donut ball! Uniquely designed to improve balance, coordination, and flexibility.
  • Pea Pods
    Pea PodsSKU #3849W
    Pea Pods provide a cocoon-like feel providing calm and deep pressure. Durable yet comfortable, they are made of inflatable heavy-gauge vinyl and covered with a soft, velvety surface.
  • Round Cushions
    Create a comfortable place to sit in your sensory room with these colorful cushions.
  • Weighted Handwriting Glove
    Our super-versatile weighted glove provides proprioceptive input and compression that helps students perform a variety of fine motor and self-help activities.