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  • Perfect for children who have difficulty with fine motor, dexterity or grasping, this special take on a classic game has large easy-to-hold shapes and giant knobs.
  • Great for both children and adults, this innovative puzzle has removable blocks which allow the user to progressively increase the skill required to complete the task.
  • This multisensory toy is a hit with players of all ages.
  • A sensory experience, our Saucer Dome unit rewards users with swirling glitter, music, lights and vibration when they press the dome’s rim.
  • Shape SwitchSKU #920
    An all-in-one shape sorter, switch and music box! Activate the music box by inserting the correct shapes in the correct openings.
  • Sound PuzzlesSKU #9033W
    Few toys offer more opportunities for interactive learning than our colorful wooden sound puzzles.
  • Introduce addition and subtraction with our best-selling stacking blocks.
  • This classic shape-sorting and color recognition toy’s square shape and special features make it even more rewarding! When an object hits the bottom of this shape sorter, your pre-recorded message will play.
  • Ideal for the blind and visually impaired, this unique puzzle teaches shape recognition by having students match its eight colorful, textured shapes to their proper places on the puzzle board.