Vibrating Sensory Toys

Vibration toys provide gentle, engaging stimuli for individuals with special needs, including sensory processing disorders, ADHD or autism. These options can help kids feel calmer when they need more sensory feedback or build sensation tolerance in hypersensitive kids. With sensory toys, caregivers can provide a controlled, safe environment to help children engage with new experiences and feelings.

At Enabling Devices, we’re committed to developing trusted, individualized solutions to meet the needs of children and adults with disabilities. Thoughtful and adaptive designs allow users to engage with sensory toys safely while learning and growing. Partner with us to find intuitive products that encourage safe, sensory play.

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What Are Sensory Vibration Toys for Special Needs Children?

Sensory vibration toys allow children with disabilities to engage with sounds, smells, touch, body awareness and balance. These toys will enable them to have a new experience in a safe and fun environment that gives them control over sensory input. Playing with these toys can also help kids develop processing skills for unfamiliar sensations, smells, sights, and sounds to better engage with the world around them.

Vibration toys are tailored to the needs of children with hyposensitivity and hypersensitivity. Some individuals who can use these products include people on the autism spectrum and those with a sensory processing disorder.

How You Can Use Sensory Toys With Vibration

The sensory toys we offer come in a wide range of varieties and applications. Some of the products available for people with disabilities include skin massagers, vibrating pillows and vibrating animals. These sensory products can help children with special needs by:

  • Enabling safe exploration: Children can experience new sensory inputs in a comfortable and safe environment as they’re ready.
  • Teaching cause and effect: With sensory toys, you can help children learn how their interactions with items have specific consequences. The toys respond to users’ interactions to provide a clear example of cause and effect in the real world.
  • Encouraging skill building: Educators, therapists, caregivers and families can provide vibration toys to individuals with special needs to help build their skills. As children engage with these toys, they can develop cognitive and motor skills.

Benefits of Sensory Toys

With sensory toys, individuals with special needs have the opportunity to discover new experiences and understand their world on their own terms. People with disabilities can gain a wide range of benefits from these toys, including:

  • Calm: Sensory toys can help users feel calm and relaxed, even after their behavior escalates.
  • Focus: Vibrating sensory toys can help children gain increased focus in their environment.
  • Body awareness: As they engage with sensory experiences, users gain increased body awareness and the ability to process complex sensory stimuli.

Find Vibrating Sensory Toys for Babies and Children

At Enabling Devices, we offer dependable, personalized products to provide innovative solutions for our users. Whatever unique needs individuals with disabilities may have, we’re committed to delivering trusted options for play, engagement and learning. Explore the products we have available and browse our selections today.