Oral Motor

Oral motor therapy works on the oral skills necessary for proper speech and feeding development. Use them to develop strength, coordination, movement, and endurance in the lips, cheeks, tongue and jaw.

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  • Chew Pack
    Chew PackSKU #3039
    These oral motor chew tools are specially designed for use in therapy. They were created to help children who crave chewing as well as children with oral motor problems. Original Price: $143.95. FINAL SALE – NON-RETURNABLE.
  • Oral Motor Chews image.Rev2
    Designed for individuals who crave oral stimulation as well as those with oral motor difficulties, our chew set gives sensory input to lips, mouth and jaw and helps with lip closure, breath control and muscle tone.
  • Viibrating Star Teethers
    Gentle vibrations begin instantly when the child bites down on the star points. Multi-textured tops offer a variety of comforting surfaces. Comes in a Set of 2.