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    Why start from scratch when you can retrofit? This kit enables users to upgrade old gooseneck mounting systems, or gooseneck mounted switches or devices. Original Price: $13.95. FINAL SALE – NON-RETURNABLE.
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  • Put your switch wherever you need it. Now you can mount your Gumball or Jumbo switch on any mounting arm or gooseneck. To view accessories for this item click accessories tab below. #7809 Original Price: $28.95. FINAL SALE – NON-RETURNABLE.
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Wheelchair Accessories for People With Handicaps

For those living with disabilities that affect mobility and grip, tabletops and wheelchairs can be important for holding items. When it comes to accessing anything from an e-reader to a book, a mount can be a useful way to hang onto the item hands-free — and Enabling Devices has a range of options to choose from!

What Are Wheelchair Mounts?

Mounts are an extra set of hands for individuals with mobility issues and other disabilities that can affect grip and movement. They hold switches, devices, phones and other needed items securely without causing discomfort or fatigue. By securing items to a tabletop or chair, mounts also ensure fewer dropped items and easier organization. Everything you need can be close at hand!

There are different types of mounts to help grip lighter and more delicate items, such as an iPad, as well as mounts designed to hold multiple items or even heavy devices. This diversity allows the user to focus on using the wheelchair without also having to worry about holding on to an item. Some mounts also have adjustable arms, helping wheelchair users move a phone or tablet for easy use.

Types of Wheelchair Mounts

A range of options exist to meet different needs:

  • Arms: As their name suggests, these flexible solutions bring items close to the user without them having to move forward. Arms can help place phones near your face for calls or a cup at your lips for a drink. They can position items and hold them steady, making them useful for those living with paraplegia, ALS and other conditions that mean moving the body to accommodate a device may not be simple.
  • Attachments: Useful attachments can help you grip specific items. Other attachments will allow you to convert gooseneck mounting systems for your use. Attachments will enable you to customize mounts to your needs and your wheelchair.
  • Clamps: Sturdy clamps are vital for mounts because they’re what actually attaches them to a surface. Clamps determine what part of the wheelchair you can attach a mount to, and they’re important for ensuring that your mount can handle the weight you plan on using with it. Clamps can help you customize your mounts too.
  • Mounting plates: Plates will help you use your mount to hold something. They can hold photos, phones, tablets, e-readers, papers, cards and more, all while positioning these items at eye level or setting them as you wish. They can even be used for Eye Talks or icons to help those with speech impairments communicate easily.
  • Mounts and mounting systems: Don’t want to buy arms, attachments, clamps and plates separately? Mounting systems are engineered to work together and attach devices and items to a wheelchair, so you never have to second guess whether you’re buying the right parts. These systems are designed to work well as a unit. Some will let you hold multiple items at once, allowing for virtually hands-free operation. You can use one plate for a switch to operate the wheelchair and another to hold your phone, for example. Some systems are even designed to hold specific items most effectively for most convenience and ease of use. For example, a holding system for iPads will ensure that your iPad fits perfectly and can be angled correctly.

How Do Wheelchair Mounts Help With Special Needs?

For those living with disabilities, wheelchair mounts offer a second set of hands. They can:

  • Hold items steady
  • Help prevent drops of bottles, devices and other items that can be damaged or broken
  • Foster independence by helping keep items within reach
  • Place phones, cups and other items within reach for proper use
  • Give users multiple hands for holding items, allowing them to operate their wheelchair without having to juggle items
  • Help with communication by allowing wheelchair users to make use of Eye Talks

Wheelchair accessories, grips and holders can customize a wheelchair and make it even more functional. With these accessories, a wheelchair becomes not just a way of getting around but also a way of holding and using devices. Holders can help adults and children with disabilities hold and use everything from cards to notepaper, phones, cups, bottles, tablets and other items and devices. Browse the full selection at Enabling Devices to see what would be most useful for your wheelchair. You’re also welcome to contact us if you’d like personalized help.