Sequencer Communicators

Our sequential communication devices (AAC) allow the user to record multiple messages and play them back in succession. Encourage storytelling, conversational turn-taking, and game play in your classroom and at home.

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  • Adjustable Angle Sequencer w/Switch
    Designed especially for visually impaired users, this sequencing communicator has 300 seconds of recording time and a built-in switch that’s easy to locate due to its large size and the circle of LED lights at its center.
  • Announcer w/6 Levels
    Our sequencer communicator allows the user to first hear a series of words and then select one by simply activating its capability switch.
  • Mini-Com Sequencer
    How to improve upon the bestselling Mini-Coms? Add sequencing! Terrific for story-telling, singing and joke-telling. To view accessories for this item click accessories tab below.
  • Textured Roller Sequencer
    Ideal for non-speaking children or adults, this communicator enables users to engage in simple conversation by playing a sequential series of pre-recorded messages (300 seconds total).