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Enabling Devices customers love creating and saving wishlists as an easy way to share a list of their organization’s needs with their communities. Create a wishlist and then share it with your community to support fundraising campaigns, encourage holiday giving, or simply to give community members a fast and easy way to support your organization.

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List Name Name Date Added
Arya’Rose May 19, 2018
Kyrsten Kyrsten Moore May 17, 2018
Luana Littlewind Luana May 10, 2018
BRISTAL May 4, 2018
Communicator for VI – SDI grant Lisa Suszko April 25, 2018
Jonathan’s World Of Happiness Jonathan Aponte March 28, 2018
switchs March 14, 2018
Wishlist Marissa Kovach December 22, 2017
Wishlist—Oliver Oliver Wold December 1, 2017
Exceptional Care & Training Center Exceptional Care & Training Center Sterling November 26, 2017