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Assistive Technology for People with Disabilities

Featured Products

  • Textured Tunes
    With two stimulating textures, the two interchangable plates on our Textured Tunes are perfect for hands-on sensory exploration. We’ve added bead chains, multi-colored blinking...
  • iPad Mounting Systems
    Starting at $95.95
    The ultimate accessory! Our terrific iPad systems are available in two versions: Tabletop and Mounted. The Tabletop version comes with a mounting platform and...
  • Gumball Switch on Easy Flex Mount
    We’ve added our popular Gumball switch to our Easy Flex Mount. Bend the flexible arm and position the switch anywhere. Easily clamps to any wheelchair, tray, tabletop, highchair or...
  • Easy Flex Mount
    Starting at $26.95
    Increase independence with our versatile Mount. Designed with an adjustable Velcro strap that enables the user to access cups and bottles, it also has flexible tubing that can be positioned to meet the needs of...
  • BeeBop
    Stream your music wirelessly with this cute little alien as its blue, red and green lights track the rhythm for a fun light show. Works with any Bluetooth enabled device and has auto...
  • Drumbourine
    Rock out with this adapted tambourine featuring eight pairs of jingles on a durable shell and a fixed head with radiant light graphics. Just activate your switch and the striker will hit...
  • Spinning Symphony
    Hear six different Mozart compositions when you press any of the brightly colored instrument switches that are easily accessible on a Lazy Susan. At the touch of a switch, add or subtract any of the five different...
  • Musical Poppitoppy Spinner
    Enjoy hours of fun with our adapted Poppitoppy. Just activate your switch and the Poppitoppy’s 20 multi-colored balls spring into action while music & light enhances the exhilarating experience...
  • Infinity Bead Chain
    The possibilities are endless with this unique multisensory toy that provides simultaneous tactile, visual and auditory stimulation. Touch the cool, smooth beads and activate a never-ending tunnel...
  • R/C Stunt Car
    Perform stunts, 360-degree axle spins, and incredible wheelies when you activate our easy-to-use controller. Bright multicolor flashing lights and sound effects add to the excitement. Enjoy hours of fast-paced action. Great...
  • Mini Music Player
    Twelve tunes! Activate your capability switch and this cute music maker plays a 10 second melody while two colorful lights blink. Press the orange or yellow button and music or fun...
  • Easy Flex Stylus
    Starting at $49.95
    Our most versatile and adjustable stylus allows you to position it in just about any position – between fingers, above your hand, under your hand, around your...