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Assistive Technology - Products for People with Disabilities

Featured Products

  • iPad Mounting Systems
    Starting at $95.95
    The ultimate accessory! Our terrific iPad systems are available in two versions: Tabletop and Mounted. The Tabletop version comes with a mounting platform and...
  • O2Cool Adapted Fan

    Efficient, compact design! Activate your switch and this sturdy fan blows a steady breeze. Comes with adjustable tilt and two speeds. Great for teaching cause and effect or for...

  • Dance & Move Beat Bow Wow
    Lights, sounds and songs play while Bow Wow’s head bobs and its tail wags. Just activate your capability switches to get the fun started. More than 25 songs, tunes and phrases help...
  • Aqua Dome
    A soft rainbow of slowly changing lights glimmer through gently flowing water, while soothing music completes this multisensory experience of sight...
  • Gumball Switch on Easy Flex Mount
    We’ve added our popular Gumball switch to our Easy Flex Mount. Bend the flexible arm and position the switch anywhere. Easily clamps to any wheelchair, tray, tabletop, highchair or...
  • LED Fan NOTE: Not to be used with seizure prone individuals.
    Cool down with our adapted LED fan. With the push of the button, set the fabulous light show in motion. The LED lights create more than 30 different color patterns. Also works with...
  • Jellyfish Lamp
    Watch in amazement as two life-like jellyfish gently float and sway in the water when you activate your switch. Just fill the tower with distilled water, add the plastic jellyfish and...
  • Adapted Gearations
    Eleven interlocking gears spin, flip and mesmerize when you activate your switch. Hundreds of gear combinations will encourage creativity and...
  • Easy Flex Mount
    Starting at $26.95
    Increase independence with our versatile Mount. Designed with an adjustable Velcro strap that enables the user to access cups and bottles, it also has flexible tubing that can be positioned to meet the needs of...
  • Sensational Tubes
    Each of these five attention-grabbing tubes contains an assortment of items that differ in weight, color, shape and sound production. A fun, yet therapeutic means to improve grip strength and visual...
  • Light Up City Bus
    Lights & music! Activate your switch and this fun City Bus works its bump and go moves while colorful LEDs light up and upbeat music plays...
  • Logan ProxTalker
    Starting at $2,995.95
    Silent picture users can now have a voice with the ProxTalker. This advanced speech generating device uses RFID (radio frequency identification) technology which enables independent verbal picture...