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Assistive Technology - Products for People with Disabilities

Featured Products

  • iPad Wireless Switch Interface
    Use your switches! Connect your switches and control hundreds of compatible apps on your Bluetooth-equipped iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, MAC, PC or Android device. (A chart of switch accessible apps is...
  • iPad Wireless Switch
    Control hundreds of compatible apps on your Bluetooth-equipped iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, MAC, PC or Android device. (A chart of switch accessible apps...
  • Twirling Bead Chain
    Feel the cool beads! Activate the built-in red gumball switch and the carousel begins to turn causing the colorful cool beads to gently touch your hand as they spin by. In addition...
  • Touch Screen Band
    Record your music! Play ten demo songs or create your own music with the 17 piano keys and complete drum set. Record and playback your musical creation with a touch of a button...
  • LED Light Illuminators new lower price!
    Starting at $69.95
    Mesmerizing! Turn an ordinary room into a calming sensory space. These three rechargeable LED Light Illuminators change color using all the colors in a rainbow in turn or just choose one color...
  • Sensory Wall Panels NEW LOWER PRICE!
    Starting at $201.95

    Our broad range of Sensory Wall Panels provide various visual, auditory and tactile experiences. They encourage discovery...

  • Sensory Projector
    Promote relaxation! Soft and soothing red, blue and green lights slowly move across your ceiling and walls to create a calming effect in any room. Angle of the projector can be...
  • Aura LED Projector
    Starting at $82.95
    Constantly changing! The Aura LED Projector is an ideal projector for your sensory space. It’s calming, soothing and relaxing. Projector has Wi-Fi connectivity with a...
  • Adapted Bluetooth iHome
    Use your own switches! We’ve adapted this iHome with six jacks so you can use your own switches to control tracks forward and backward, volume up and down, pause and on/off. Use any Bluetooth enabled device and...
  • Bubble Bandit
    Everyone loves bubbles! Kids will love this crazy bandit. Just activate your capability switch and the Bubble Bandit will blow hundreds of bubbles out of its mouth. Great for developing tracking skills...
  • Firefly Frog
    Starting at $33.95
    Twinkling! This cuddly friend is perfect for your sensory space or for bedtime. Activate your capability switch and fireflies will twinkle in the Frog’s belly to create a magical glow...
  • Dory Bubble Blower
    Nemo and Dory! Have endless bubble fun with your favorite Finding Dory characters. Eight rotating wands blow hundreds of bubbles when you activate your capability switch. Includes 4 oz...