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Adapted Electronics

Enabling Devices has adapted dozens of electronic products for people with disabilities.

Now everyone can enjoy using their iPads, iPods, MP3 players, smart phones, CD Players, and computers!

  • iPad Cases
    Starting at $89.95
    Award-winning innovative product design! This cutting edge cases incorporates three layers of hardcore protection plus some advanced features...
  • CD Walkman
    A portable CD player that can be easily operated by your switch! The CD function starts and pauses with each switch activation. (Not available for momentary...
  • CD Boom Box
    Switch-adapted with CD player! This switch-adapted boom box has a CD player, AM/FM radio and a cassette player all in one unit! Simply plug your...
  • Jumbo Remote Control Final sale, non-returnable
    An all-in-one remote control! Allows the user to easily see and push buttons to control TV, VCR, DVD, Cable, PVR, DTC Boxes and Satellite receivers. It also will control the latest...