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Fans & Water Toys

  • Under the Sea
    Swirling water! This brightly colored water toy will delight and amaze most any child. One...
  • Big Water Toy
    Wonderful fun! Simply fill the tray, hit a switch and water squirts out of the hose, splashing...
  • Rain Drops
    Splish splash! Fill the water tray and when you activate your capability switch, watch the water trickle down the bead chains while you play in the water...
  • Aromatherapy Fan
    Increase sensory awareness! Activate your capability switch and the fan will fill the air with fragrances which can stimulate sensory awareness...
  • Harbor Breeze
    A day near the sea! Press the blue switch and the red windmill blade starts to spin while the top lights up. Feel a cool breeze and hear upbeat music and harbor sounds – waves crashing, seagulls calling...
  • O2Cool Adapted Fan

    Efficient, compact design! Activate your switch and this sturdy fan blows a steady breeze. Comes with adjustable tilt and two speeds. Great for teaching cause and effect or for...

  • LED Fan NOTE: Not to be used with seizure prone individuals.
    Cool down with our adapted LED fan. With the push of the button, set the fabulous light show in motion. The LED lights create more than 30 different color patterns. Also works with...
  • Misting Fan
    Our adapted Misting Fan provides a fine mist of water and a powerful fan at the touch of your switch. Fan has three speeds. Misting has two modes: continuous or intermittent. Two jacks allow you to activate...