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New Products

  • Tactile Manipulatives
    Starting at $39.95
    Appealing sensory objects! We’ve put together nine fun tactile products in one set. Use to decrease stress, promote focusing and concentration, and increase tactile...
  • Tactile Switch Set
    Great texture! This set contains two wonderfully textured switches – one with vibration, one without. The slightest touch on the upper rim or tactile dome will activate any switch...
  • Textured Marble Fidget Board
    Board Build sensory awareness! Cool, colorful and translucent marbles move when you pass your hands across them while a background mirror provides strong...
  • Thera Bear
    Soothing scents! Thera Bear provides soothing cuddly warmth and chamomile aroma. Just place the bear’s inner belly-pack or the full bear in a microwave for 60 seconds. Machine washable after...
  • Touch Screen Band
    Record your music! Play ten demo songs or create your own music with the 17 piano keys and complete drum set. Record and playback your musical creation with a touch of a button...
  • Twirling Bead Chain
    Feel the cool beads! Activate the built-in red gumball switch and the carousel begins to turn causing the colorful cool beads to gently touch your hand as they spin by. In addition...
  • UV Light Panel
    Amazing effects! Black light LED's create dramatic colors on the myriad UV reactive strands as they reflect in the mirrored background. Strands are different textures: bumpy beads, smooth plastic and ribbed fabric...
  • VI Shapes Puzzle with Braille
    Perfect teaching tool! Fun puzzle includes eight colorful tactile shapes with Braille markings above each shape for blind learners. Corresponding colors lay...
  • Vibrating Pillows
    Starting at $49.95
    So touchable! Our vibrating pillows are fun, lightweight, colorful, soft fabric shapes with a gentle vibrating mechanism. The vibration is activated with pressure – hug it, sit on...