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New Products

  • Stretch Denim Vest
    Starting at $59.95
    Calming weight with style! This vest comes in a comfortable stretch denim fabric and provides soothing pressure. Simply place the adjustable weights in the inside pockets for sensory...
  • Suction Speaker
    Big sound! We’ve adapted this fabulous water resistant speaker for your iPhone, Android smartphone or Bluetooth enabled devices. Activate your switch and the...
  • Supreme Wrap
    Soothing warmth! This weighted wrap hugs your upper back, chest and shoulder. Microwave for cozy warmth or freeze for cooling comfort. Channeled and densely filled for even distribution...
  • Switch Mounting Plates
    Starting at $28.95
    Accessible! Put your switch wherever you need it. Now you can mount your Gumball or Jumbo switch on any mounting arm or gooseneck. Simply attach your switch to the...
  • Three Switch Control Box
    Starting at $15.95
    Three in one! Operate three different adapted devices right at your fingertips. These three gumball switches have light touch activation and three bright colors...
  • Touch Screen Band
    Record your music! Play ten demo songs or create your own music with the 17 piano keys and complete drum set. Record and playback your musical creation with a touch of a button...
  • Tranquil Turtle
    Create a soothing environment! Tranquil Turtle projects a magical underwater light effect with a gentle wave motion and plays two soothing sounds. Its shell glows in...
  • Tropical Fish Tower
    Colorful aquarium! Activate your capability switch and three brightly colored tropical fish will swim around while soft red, green and blue lighting illuminate the aquarium. Just fill the tower with distilled...
  • Tube Set
    Teach spatial relations! This two piece Tube Set will be a hit with your child. It includes both a tunnel and a removable cylinder. Both can be rolled around the room while the tunnel is great...