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New Products

  • SAM-Trackball for PC (USB) New low price! we are passing our savings on to you!
    Switch adapted trackball has large colorful buttons for...
  • Scooter
    Zoom! Kids love to roll forward, backward and side to side while learning direction and movement. Perfect for upper extremity strengthening, prone...
  • See Me Connecting Tunnel
    Crawl through! This nylon tunnel is great for developing gross motor skills and encouraging cooperation and imaginary play. Design includes...
  • Sensory Sound Tubes
    Fun sensory experiences! Hands-on way for students to explore sight and sound. Each see-through tube is fi lled with different objects: jingly bells, sparkly gems...
  • Singing Peacocks
    Chirping birds! Press and hold your capability switch and the mama peacock and her chick will chirp, sing and wave their tails. Has music and LED lights...
  • Sit on Air
    Two uses! The Sit on Air is an air filled cushion that has a unique shape with two functions. Use by placing the “bump” towards the back for a relaxing position that relieves the lower back. Place the "bump" towards...
  • Smart Pals
    Starting at $43.95
    Interactive fun! Activate your capability switch and the three shape buttons will light up while cheerful melodies and silly sound effects play. Smart Pals’ different textures help...
  • Smart Toss
    Four games in one! Active play reinforces numbers, colors and shapes. You can create your own games too. Great for developing gross motor skills and encouraging group play. Includes 12 bean bags...
  • Sound Board
    Amplify your music! Place your smartphone on the Sound Board with the music playing and your music will be amplified with enhanced quality sound. So simple…No setup...