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  • Item #459 will NOT ship in time for the Holidays! Please touch! Our best-selling vibrating light is even more captivating now that it comes with a bright LED light.
  • Item will NOT ship in time for the Holidays! This do-it-yourself massager, provides soft vibration, sensory stimulation and a choice of two textures—synthetic sheepskin or velvety soft cloth. Activate this washable mitt by applying pressure to the body part being massaged.
  • Ideal for hearing and hearing impaired users alike, this adapted pager has two settings—silent vibrate and the peal of chimes.
  • Our vibrating pillow is an all-time bestseller. The pillow springs into action when activated by an external capability switch. The soothing vibration is great for stimulating tactile awareness and for relieving stress.
  • Hug it, sit on it or lean against it to experience a soothing sensation like no other.
  • This bestselling vibrating switch is brightly-colored, highly responsive and large enough to be activated by people with mobility and coordination challenges. Original Price: $79.95. FINAL SALE - NON-RETURNABLE.
  • Sensational for teaching cause and effect, developing grasping and supination skills, the sensory pod vibrates when users turn their wrists.
  • Gentle vibrations begin instantly when the child bites down on the star points. Multi-textured tops offer a variety of comforting surfaces. Comes in a Set of 2. NO LONGER AVAILABLE — SEE #3071, 3071M, 3071H ORAL MOTOR CHEW SETS
  • 4077 regular
    Four fabulous sensory products at an affordable price!
  • Vis Light Exp Kit
    Item will NOT ship in time for the Holidays! Everyone in your classroom will want to experience the dazzling lights and exciting music. Double Disco Ball #1685 is currently not available, using Switch & Glow #894 as a replacement.