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  • Ultimate Switch
    Ultimate SwitchSKU #1671W
    Designed for use by even the most profoundly physically or neurologically challenged individuals, our #1 best-selling switch is super-versatile, multifunctional, and durable. Four different styles available.
  • TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE Great for stimulating both the visual and tactile senses.
  • Under the SeaSKU #9013
    Whether it’s in the home or the classroom, this delightful water toy is bound to be a hit. Use two of your switches for two different activations: one that makes the water swirl around the colorful pond; the other that turns on lights and music.
  • Fabulous fiber optic lighting with 100 strands in six different colors. Under ultraviolet black light, the strands glow dramatically.
  • Vibes Hi-Fidelity Earplugs
    Get relief from sound sensitivity! Hypersensitivity to sound can affect individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other conditions, making it difficult for them to cope in loud environments. Note: Non-returnable due to sanitary reasons.
  • Vibrating Animals
    Give a hug and these soft, cuddly animals will gently vibrate, providing somatosensory stimulation and relaxation.
  • Vibrating Light
    Please touch! Our best-selling vibrating light is even more captivating now that it comes with a bright LED light.
  • Ideal for hearing and hearing impaired users alike, this adapted pager has two settings—silent vibrate and the peal of chimes.
  • Vibrating Pillow
    Our vibrating pillow is an all-time bestseller. The pillow springs into action when activated by an external capability switch. The soothing vibration is great for stimulating tactile awareness and for relieving stress. (Read more below)
  • Somatosensory feedback is in the palm of the hand with this soft, vibrating pillow.