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  • Traffic LightSKU #1810
    This unique toy teaches the idea of stop, pause and go while providing a stimulating sensory experience.
  • TwiddlesSKU #3830W
    Whatever the sensory need, our soft, cuddly Twiddles can help. Decorated with a variety of materials such as a soft-plastic ball, wooden beads, ribbons and a Velcro pull patch, Twiddles provide calm and comfort and mental and physical stimulation.
  • Under the SeaSKU #9013
    Whether it’s in the home or the classroom, this delightful water toy is bound to be a hit. Use two of your switches for two different activations: one that makes the water swirl around the colorful pond; the other that turns on lights and music.
  • Give a hug and these soft, cuddly animals will gently vibrate, providing somatosensory stimulation and relaxation.
  • Please touch! Our best-selling vibrating light is even more captivating now that it comes with a bright LED light.
  • This specially designed activity center enables individuals who are visually or hearing impaired to experience the joy of play.