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  • Sound PuzzlesSKU #9033W
    Few toys offer more opportunities for interactive learning than our colorful wooden sound puzzles.
  • Discover shapes, colors and letters with this delightful new toy! Just activate your switches to make the puppy’s dome-covered bowl wobble and the balls inside of it spin.
  • Riveting! Activate your switch and behold stunning, multicolored light designs!
  • Spinning OlafSKU #1469
    Spinning Olaf will delight all Frozen fans.
  • Hear six different Mozart compositions when you press any of the brightly colored instrument switches
  • Train fans will love this unique, multi-faceted toy. Just activate a switch and the choo-choo inside the spinning top chugs around the track, making train-themed sounds and playing lively music.
  • No obedience school necessary! This soft and cuddly puppy walks, barks and wags his tail when you activate your capability switch.
  • Introduce addition and subtraction with our best-selling stacking blocks.
  • Here comes the sun! Our huggable plush toy plays four classical musical pieces or a long-playing lullaby as sparkling lights flash when you activate your switch.
  • Swirl ArtSKU #380
    Everyone’s an artist with our easy-to-use adapted art spinner.
  • Great for game night, this switch activated spinner means everyone can play!
  • This multi-purpose toy provides exercise, therapy and amusement for those with limited mobility. To view accessories for this item click accessories tab below.
  • Gain an appreciation for the classics with this portable switch-activated toy. This product is also available at a discounted price if you order it as part of our ATL Special Offer - #1207W
  • This classic shape-sorting and color recognition toy’s square shape and special features make it even more rewarding! When an object hits the bottom of this shape sorter, your pre-recorded message will play.
  • Tether BallSKU #8033
    An ideal form of exercise and play for those with significant physical challenges, our easy-to-assemble tether ball set will provide hours of amusement while it improves eye-hand coordination and prompts practice in reaching, swiping and grasping. To view accessories for this item click accessories tab below.
  • The possibilities are endless with this versatile toy that addresses a range of learning challenges while entertaining for hours!
  • With two stimulating textures, the two interchangeable plates on our Textured Tunes are perfect for hands-on sensory exploration.
  • Everything you need to start a fully inclusive band, this set includes cluster bells, castanets, jingle and drum sticks.
  • Pressing the large red button on the front of this device sends the balls tumbling around while music plays, lights shine and the unit vibrates. .
  • A multi-sensory extravaganza! Just press its bright yellow textured switch and this toy sends colorful sparkles flying while it plays music and lights up.
  • Can therapy really be this much fun? This colorful and versatile activity center provides tactile, visual and auditory stimulation while developing finger isolation, reaching and grasping skills.
  • Save 6%
    Tic Tac ToeSKU #949 - On Sale until 2/24/18
    An adapted version of the classic toy! Get “tic tac toe” by activating a switch that lights up LED squares in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal direction.
    $176.95 $166.95
  • Tickle TubeSKU #7909
    A multisensory experience in a tube, this truly unique toy features bead chains, gooshy pad, colorful blinking lights, music, vibration and a mirror!
  • Topsy TurvySKU #506
    A visual, auditory and tactile celebration, this incomparable toy sends colorful beads cascading through its clear, rotating tube while multi-colored lights blink and six rocking tunes play when you activate the switch.