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  • Rainbow Switches
    The slightest touch on these colorful, ergonomic switches will activate any adapted device.
  • Sensory LED Bubble Tubes
    Color changing bubbles, moving fish and a gentle hum make these Bubble Tubes an ideal sensory product that stimulates the senses and creates a calming and relaxing atmosphere.
  • Sensory Reflective Color Burst Balls
    These iridescent balls are a wondrous addition to your sensory space. Smooth and lightweight, the shimmering colors invite engagement.
  • Sensory Special Offer
    Choose three of our bestselling sensory products and save! Each of these items provide hours of fun and multisensory stimulation and do not require an external capability switch. PLEASE NOTE:  You must identify three toys when placing a non-web order.
  • Lights, sounds and songs play while Smooth Move Sloth’s head moves side by side. Note: Switches not included.
  • Space Shuttle R/C
    Blast off with this replica of the NASA space shuttle, adapted with an easy-to-grab, easy-to-use joystick remote for out-of-this-world fun and learning.
  • Spinning Light Show
    Improved design! Activate your switch and behold stunning, multicolored light designs!
  • Tactile Stimulation Kit
    One convenient kit provides a wide variety of textures for tactile stimulation and desensitization work.
  • Telehealth Duos
    Face to face learning isn’t always possible today. Guided by an OT currently working with clients via telehealth, we have put together these targeted product duos that won’t break the bank.
  • Light-touch tactile switches activate with the slightest movement.