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Assistive Technology - Products for People with Disabilities

Featured Products

  • CD Boom Box
    Switch-adapted with CD player! This compact switch-adapted boom box has a CD player, AM/FM radio, a cassette player and audio-in for connecting smart...
  • Magical Light Show
    Lights, music and vibration! Press the yellow switch and feel subtle vibrations under...
  • Touch Light Panels
    Starting at $299.95
    Six fantastic textured wall mounts! These six Touch Light Panels are fantastic for your classroom or sensory space. They look terrific on the wall. Each panel has wonderful texture, is brightly lit...
  • iPad Mounting System
    Starting at $51.95
    The ultimate accessory! Our terrific iPad systems are available in two versions: Tabletop and Mounted. The Tabletop version comes with a mounting platform and a...
  • Marble Wall Panel
    Multiple sensory experience! Cool translucent glass marbles move when you pass your hands across them while light shines through them, soothing music plays and the panel gently vibrates. Panel provides an exciting visual...
  • UV Light Panel
    Amazing effects! Black light LED's create dramatic colors on the myriad UV reactive strands as they reflect in the mirrored background. Strands are different textures: bumpy beads, smooth plastic and ribbed fabric...
  • Adapted Magnetic Gears
    Make your own patterns! Connect your capability switch and 11 colorful plastic gears will spin on the magnetic easel. Each gear does something different – clicking, whirring, google...
  • Light Up City Bus
    Lights & music! Activate your switch and this fun City Bus works its bump and go moves while colorful LEDs light up and upbeat music plays...
  • Dancing Taxi
    Hail this cab! Dancing Taxi has bump and go action when you activate your capability switch. Car sounds, upbeat music and bright lights on the wheels add to the fun...
  • Tactile Manipulatives
    Starting at $39.95
    Appealing sensory objects! We’ve put together nine fun tactile products in one set. Use to decrease stress, promote focusing and concentration, and increase tactile...
  • Neptune Sensory Table
    Play time! Sand and water table that combines quality and affordability. The tub bottom is textured with fish, crabs, and starfish to encourage exploration. Two basins, divided by a waterfall, allow children to observe...
  • LED Light Illuminators
    Starting at $69.95
    Mesmerizing! Turn an ordinary room into a calming sensory space. These three rechargeable LED Light Illuminators change color using all the colors in a rainbow in turn or just choose one color...