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In recognition to Thanksgiving our office will be closing early on Wednesday, November 25th at 3:00 PM EST and will be closed for business on Thursday and Friday, November 26th - 27th. We will return to our regular hours of operation on Monday, November 30th at 9 am EST. (Online ordering is available 24 hours a day - 7 days a week)

Featured Products

  • Sing and Giggle
    Starting at $90.95
    Sing and giggle! Activate your capability switch and Mickey or Minnie will sing their favorite song, the “Hot Dog!” song. Activate your switch a second time and their will burst into...
  • Tranquil Turtle
    Create a soothing environment! Tranquil Turtle projects a magical underwater light effect with a gentle wave motion and plays two soothing sounds. Its shell glows in...
  • Bluetooth/MP3 Audio Center
    Easy-touch buttons! Enjoy your music with any Bluetooth enabled device – smartphone including Android, iPad, tablet, laptop, iPod and MP3...
  • Sensory Wall Panels
    Starting at $201.95

    Our broad range of Sensory Wall Panels provide various visual, auditory and tactile experiences. They encourage discovery...

  • Fun Animal Switches
    Starting at $49.95
    Easy activation! Kids will love these fun, soft animal switches. The slightest press or squeeze on the tummies of these fun animals will activate any adapted device. Great for engaging children...
  • Peppa Pig
    She loves hugs! Activate your capability switch and Peppa oinks, giggles and says fun phrases like “I love hugs”. Can be used with and without a capability switch. Has on/off switch and comes with a stand for easy...
  • Star Projector Sound Machine
    Soothing lights and sounds! Our switch adapted projector and sound machine casts multicolored stars and shapes on the wall or ceiling. It also plays a...
  • Roar & More Dinosaurs
    Starting at $60.95
    Animated! Activate your capability switch and these adorable dinosaurs come to life. They move up and down and roar. Works with or without a switch. Great for teaching cause and...
  • Suction Speaker
    Big sound! We’ve adapted this fabulous water resistant speaker for your iPhone, Android smartphone or Bluetooth enabled devices. Activate your switch and the...
  • Dance n Shout Mickey
    Plays interactive games! Activate your capability switch and Mickey comes to life. His hips move while his arms go up and down to create fun  games and dances to three feature songs...
  • Charley Chameleon
    Three different activations! We’ve adapted this cute chameleon so you can choose three different light and sound options. Press your switch once and rain forest sounds play while...
  • Bing Bong
    Bing Bong Look at my hat! We’ve adapted Bing Bong from the popular movie Inside Out. Each time you activate your capability switch Bing Bong will say one of six different phrases...