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Music, Vibration, Lights & Sound Effect Toys

  • Spinning Light Show
    Great effects! This dome features a multi-colored array of lights that create an exciting show...
  • Side-Lyer Toy
    Ideal for quiet time! For individuals placed on a Side-Lyer, reaching out can often be frustrating...
  • Small Thunder Tube Final sale, non-returnable
    Catch the excitement! The amazing Thunder Tube allows you to experiment, enjoy and make wacky sounds. It’s a wild and crazy sound effects device, which motivates users to...
  • String Thing with Lights Final sale, non-returnable
    String Thing with zing! Now it’s even more amazing with a built-in black light illuminating the string...
  • Starry Night
    Six soothing sounds! Activate your switch and relax to your favorite calming sound while watching the stars projected on your ceiling. Sounds include birds, brooks, rainforest, ocean waves, and rain. Light and sound can...
  • Spaghetti & Meatballs
    Fun with food! Our bead chain spaghetti and wooden meatballs provide a terrific sensory experience. As you drop the strands of spaghetti and meatballs into the...
  • Sunshine Symphony
    Starting at $65.95
    Create music with one touch! This huggable, plush activity toy plays beautiful classical music, while sparkling lights flash! Features four classical musical compositions, activated by a simple touch...
  • Singing Peacocks
    Chirping birds! Press and hold your capability switch and the mama peacock and her chick will chirp, sing and wave their tails. Has music and LED lights...
  • Smart Pals
    Starting at $44.95
    Interactive fun! Activate your capability switch and the three shape buttons will light up while cheerful melodies and silly sound effects play. Smart Pals’ different textures help...
  • Spiderman Bank
    Two ways to activate! Spiderman talks with web slinging sound and light effects! Place a coin in the slot or activate a capability switch for him to be interactive. Great for increasing...
  • Spinning Train Top
    Visual tracking! Activate and hold your capability switch and start this fun top spinning. The colorful train inside moves around the track while lively music plays and the train toots and chugs...
  • Singing Bird Clock
    Twelve bird songs! Twelve different authentic bird songs are featured in this colorful clock. Each time you activate your switch, a different bird song plays. Can also be used just...