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Music, Vibration, Lights & Sound Effect Toys

  • High Striker
    Takes all punches! When the gooshy pad is struck, various sound effects play at different levels while lights track upward, indicating the amount of force applied. When struck full force the user is...
  • Fiber Flash Lamp w/Music
    Now with music! We have added music to our attention getting Fiber Flash Lamp. Everyone...
  • Funtastik
    Irresistible to touch! Activate the brightly colored 5" squishy pads to see blinking multicolored...
  • Flip Flop
    Entertains for hours! Our colorful Flip Flop is terrific to use for increasing visual attention and providing tactile stimulation. With a simple spin of the domes...
  • Discovery Tunnel
    A fabulous multi-sensory experience! Slide your hand through the beaded curtain and experience auditory, visual and tactile stimulation. The...
  • Flight of the Bumble Bee
    Buzz, buzz, buzz! Activate the attached switch and the air from two fans will cause the bee’s spinner wings to go round and round while the music from The Flight of the Bumble Bee plays. You will feel wind on...
  • Dancing Water Beads
    Colorful crystals! Activate your capability switch and watch the colorful crystal beads dance around in the water while soothing music plays. Great for...
  • Entangled Dome
    They’re sure to take a shine to this glow-in-the-dark sensory toy. Press anywhere on the dome, its base or rim, to activate lights, music and vibration. A terrific toy for increasing visual...
  • G Force
    Gravity defying! Press the black and orange switch or use your own capability switch to start the three ping pong balls spinning around the dome. The longer you hold down your switch...
  • Firefly Frog
    Starting at $33.95
    Twinkling! This cuddly friend is perfect for your sensory space or for bedtime. Activate your capability switch and fireflies will twinkle in the Frog’s belly to create a magical glow. Firefly...
  • Dance & Move Beat Bow Wow
    Lights, sounds and songs play while Bow Wow’s head bobs and its tail wags. Just activate your capability switches to get the fun started. More than 25 songs, tunes and phrases help...
  • Hey Diddle Diddle
    Features fun sound effects, a blinking light, and the familiar “Hey Diddle Diddle” melody. We added four brightly colored accessible switches to control all of the activities. Comes on a sturdy base...